ES Performance: "The Greatest Hits of All Time"

Despite the strange times that we’re living in, each school division still managed to fill the theater stage with talent and entertainment. This year’s Elementary School musical took on a new vibe as a video musical with each grade representing a decade and performing two songs. Over the course of two days, each grade was filmed on stage in the theater. The final cut will be available to the Cutthroat community soon. Under the direction of Elementary School music teacher Joshua Stone, songs included such classics as “”Jump, Jive An’ Wail” from the fifties to eighties staples like “Take on Me” and “Everybody Wants to Rule the World,” in which  each 3rd grade student performed as  their own super hero. 

Says Joshua, “Due to current restrictions, we felt that this was a good way to stay in cohorts while also introducing our students to some of the great songs from the last 70 years. Thanks to Megan Mahoney for making the dances. We’ve had a ball with the preparation and they've really jumped in to learning and performing this music. I am super proud of our Elementary School kids!” Special thanks to Janet Salvoni, Kevin Wade, Michelle DeLateur, Robin Seitz, and all the lead and assistant teachers in the Elementary School for their help and energy in making this year’s musical a success.