ECC Texture Wall


A colorful wall of art woven into egg cartons and cardboard boxes greets those who walk into the Elementary School building. Each box or carton is smothered in paint colors of varying thickness. Welcome to the ECC Texture Wall: a collaborative art project between all three ECC classes. 

Now in its second year, the Texture Wall is the brainchild of ECC 2 teacher Riley Mott, who began the project when she was in the role of ECC Atelierista (Art Facilitator in the Reggio program). Riley says, “I invited all three ECC classes to collaborate with me on this project. This year, I am the ECC 2 teacher, but felt that in the midst of this pandemic, our department could still benefit from this collaborative activity. Using a variety of recycled cardboard materials, I set up the wall, and invited the other classes to contribute. Our classes access the wall at different times of the day, and yet we are still collaborating and addressing the very important skill of the process of vertical painting. 

According to Riley, painting on a vertical surface has many developmental benefits. 

  • Wrist extension/pencil grasp: encourages hand stabilization for better pencil grasp and control of writing utensils

  • Shoulder/elbow/hand stability

  • Visual attention/hand-eye coordination

  • Midline crossing which is vital to the development of using both sides of the body together, such as putting on shoes and socks, writing and cutting. It promotes the coordination and communication of the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

  • Builds core strength and posture

  • Gives a different sensory experience for kids who need to move more than they need to sit

“The project fits in with the ECC’s Reggio Emilia philosophy,” says Riley, “as we are committed to process-based art explorations, rather than product-based art. Process-based art is open-ended, experiential, self-motivated and creative and focuses on the process, or the doing, rather than the outcome. Children feel confident and competent when they are able to express and explore in their own unique way. It is a joyful thing to watch our littlest Cutthroats, applying, swirling, and mixing paint with focus, intention, and joy!”