Upper School Curriculum

A teacher and a student smiling at a table in a classroom

The Upper School college prep curriculum at Sun Valley Community School builds skills and knowledge as students progress through the grades, offering increasing independence and scheduling flexibility, as well as new opportunities for leadership in the classroom.

Upper School Curriculum by Grade

Upper School Academic Curriculum Flowchart

Graduation Requirements

Middle and Upper School Technology Note

If you have specific questions about the Upper School curriculum, please feel free to contact Upper School Head Kevin Campbell.

A Tradition of Public Speaking

Wherever you find yourself on Sun Valley Community School's campus on a given day, chances are good that you will see and hear students developing skills to articulate their thoughts, share their passions, and advocate for their needs.

Opportunities for public speaking come early and often here. Beginning with circle time in the Early Childhood Center classroom and continuing through each division before culminating with the capstone Senior Project presentation in the Upper School, Sun Valley Community School students earn the confidence to share their story with an audience.

The poise and power of our students' presentations have become a hallmark of a Sun Valley Community School education.