STREAM and Technology

At Sun Valley Community School, we are committed to preparing students across divisions to use ever-evolving technology in intelligent, creative, and ethical ways.

Our goal is to provide a foundation of skills and awareness that will inspire students and allow them to be creators, not just consumers of technology.

Students are encouraged to be curious, ask questions, discover, and take intellectual risks.



STREAM (Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Arts & Architecture, and Math) Programming across divisions is focused on building strong skills in inquiry and problem solving through an intentional delivery of educational programs. Students focus on designing, creating, testing, iterating, and presenting projects, which range from 3D printing to robotics to programming apps and games. These projects encourage creativity, perseverance, and making smart decisions around which tools to use, and reinforce the principles that students are learning in the classroom.

A student and teacher in front of a computer

Multimedia Studio

Sun Valley Community School's Multimedia Lab is cross-divisional, serving as an elective and special program for grades kindergarten through twelve. Whether it be Sun Valley Ski Academy edits, CTV News episodes, Outdoor Leadership Academy Vlog journals, cross-curricular digital enrichments, or KDPI Radio hour, we strive to capture days in the life of our school, our community at large, our world—and, perhaps most inspiring, in our imaginations. Students become familiar with the multiple stages of film production, the art of crafting stories, and the fundamentals of problem solving.

Digital Citizenship

We understand that digital media and technology is evolving at a rapid pace, bringing with it amazing opportunities as well as real risks for our students. Digital Citizenship is embedded in classes across grades, and focused on empowering students to make smart, educated, and empathetic decisions as technology users. We encourage and support responsible use of technology throughout the school day, and engage students in conversations about their digital lives that spread beyond the classroom. 

Swift Family Makers' Lab

The Swift Family Makers’ Lab, located in Hagenbuch Hall for the Creative Arts and Middle School, provides a space where students in grades kindergarten through twelve can imagine, explore, design, tinker, and innovate. Specifically, the lab offers resources for programming, electronics, robotics, and 3D printing. Throughout the year, students of all ages work in the lab with educational technology staff on projects that include wood and cardboard construction, designing and building circuits and robots, and prototyping with 3D design. 

Having access to the Multimedia Studio and the support of faculty members who understand and support my passion has been really valuable. On the theatre side, having access to a state of the art A/V system has really pushed my passion in this area and has grown my interest. The freedom I am given at the school to pursue my passions is something I don’t think I could find anywhere else.

Oliver '18