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8th Grade JOY Projects 2021 Spotlights

JOY Project

JOY Project: Clay Play
8th Grade Student: Sadie Evans

Sadie has always had a desire to create art that is both beautiful and functional. For her Joy Project, she found a way to do just that, by taking on clay throwing with Boulder Mountain Clayworks. After perusing Pinterest for inspiration, she settled on a theme of clouds for every dish. Her finished products include mugs, plates, and other dishware glazed in blue, turquoise, and green paint, adorned with white clouds.

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JOY Project

JOY Project: Making a Movie
8th Grade Student: Owen Tempest 

Owen has made short films in the past, but for his Joy Project, he decided to step it up and create a storyboard, write a script, and film an entire 10-minute movie. Throughout the project, Owen has enjoyed filming with his family, who always provide laughs during the process. He is also learning about the hiccups that can come up during a production and how to pivot in order to handle them. 

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