Learning Specialist Program

A learning specialist at a table in a classroom

committed to the academic success of every student

Sun Valley Community School offers a rich and challenging pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade curriculum and is committed to the academic success of every student enrolled at the school.

Our students bring a range of learning styles and capabilities, and our history demonstrates that every Sun Valley Community School student is capable of academic success here and in college.

We recognize that the achievement of some students may be affected by a learning difference or a gap in a specific academic skill. Teachers work hard to understand the unique needs of every student and apply strategies to ensure the success of each student.

In cases where a student's needs extend beyond classroom strategies, teachers partner with learning specialists and parents to determine the best course of action. An action plan may include one-on-one time with a learning specialist, guided study halls, collaboration with classroom teachers, communication with specialists outside of school when applicable, and tutoring after school.

If a student plan includes entering the Learning Specialist Program, the Director of Learning Support Services will guide families through the structure and cost of the program.

Meet the Learning Specialists

Jean Conley

Jean Conley  is excited to be joining Sun Valley Community School  as a Learning Specialist starting in the fall of 2019. Prior to her current role, she spent three years teaching at Stamford American International School in Singapore during which time she was able to visit 14 other countries. Jean has extensive teaching experience and has taught in both Washington and Idaho.

Jean received her BA in Liberal Studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She received her Teaching Credential from Boise State University. 

Jean loves teaching and connecting with students both in the classroom and in natures. She is excited to be back in Sun Valley and the community she cherishes. 

When not teaching, Jean can be found embracing her love for family and for the great outdoors hiking, camping, skiing, and playing with her dog. 


Lauren Marziliano

Lauren Marziliano joined Sun Valley Community School in 2016 and currently serves as an Upper School Learning Specialist and is a member of the Diversity Council.

Prior to joining the school, Lauren was a teacher and program coordinator for the Waskowitz Environmental Leadership & Service Program in Seattle, Washington.

Lauren holds a BS in biology from Berry College, a MEd in natural sciences and science education from Western Washington University, and a teaching certificate from Pacific Lutheran University.

Lauren was drawn to Sun Valley Community School by "the significant role of the Outdoor Program, the small class sizes, and the opportunity to use my years of teaching experience to work with students who have learning differences."

In her work with students and faculty at the school, Lauren says, she is "always in awe of the passion and commitment of the faculty and staff," and she "loves the sense of humor and adventure that is encouraged in the student body."

Beyond her teaching work, Lauren is a Rites of Passage guide and facilitates culturally relevant initiations into adulthood for youth, as well as Adult Vision Fasts.


Jill Perkins

Jill Perkins joined Sun Valley Community School in 1989 and currently serves as Learning Specialist Department Director.

Jill holds a BS in education from the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire.

Prior to her current position a the school, Jill taught in schools in Wisconsin for five years.

At Sun Valley Community School, Jill finds inspiration in the students and in her colleagues. "The students inspire me every day with their perseverance through a challenging curriculum, their spontaneity, and their joy," she says, "and my colleagues inspire me to seek continued growth as an educator—and make me laugh when a laugh is needed."

For Jill, time away from school is dedicated to her family. "My biggest passion is to love life with my husband, Don, and my daughter, Hope. They are my world beyond school, and time with them means everything to me," she says. She also enjoys listening to audio books, hiking local trails with her husband and her shelter dog, Cosmos, and spending time in her garden.

Jill and Don's daughter, Hope, is a 2016 graduate of the school.

Heather Town

Heather Town transitioned to Elementary School Learning Specialist in the fall of 2018. She also serves as the school's Greenhouse Coordinator.

Heather has been a member of the Elementary School faculty since 2004, most recently serving as a classroom assistant. Prior, she also served as a substitute teacher for long-term absences.

As a certified Phono-Graphix instructor, Heather was instrumental in the implementation of the school’s phonics program four years ago. Her skill set, calm demeanor, magnetism, and creative approach to learning have proven invaluable to her students in the classroom and will transition to her role as a learning specialist. Her work has spanned grades Kindergarten through fifth.

Heather earned her B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies from Western Governors University and is currently working toward her degree in Special Education.