Learning Support Services

A learning specialist at a table in a classroom

committed to the academic success of every student

Sun Valley Community School offers a rich and challenging pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade curriculum and is committed to the academic success of every student enrolled at the school.

Our students bring a range of learning styles and capabilities, and our history demonstrates that every Sun Valley Community School student is capable of academic success here and in college.

We recognize that the achievement of some students may be affected by a learning difference or a gap in a specific academic skill. Teachers work hard to understand the unique needs of every student and apply strategies to ensure the success of each student.

In cases where a student's needs extend beyond classroom strategies, teachers partner with learning specialists and parents to determine the best course of action. An action plan may include one-on-one time with a learning specialist, guided study halls, collaboration with classroom teachers, communication with specialists outside of school when applicable, and tutoring after school.

If a student plan includes entering the Learning Support Program, the Director of Learning Support Services will guide families through the structure and cost of the program.

Meet the Learning Specialists