Current Openings


My colleagues inspire me daily; from their creative ideas in the classroom to their seemingly superhuman passions outside of the classroom. It is such a healthy and positive group of adults to be around.

Naomi Goldberg, Eighth Grade Team

School Counselor

The school is open to hiring either one full-time or two part-time positions that begin as soon as the position is filled. The School Counselor(s) will work directly with all aspects of our school programming, including Elementary, Middle, and Upper School divisions.


  • Manage emotional health concerns and provide responsive services for students and staff within the scope of school counselor practices.
  • Make referrals to appropriate school and community resources for students, families, and staff, and provide follow up as necessary.
  • Design and administer the school’s Life Skills curriculum in collaboration with the Health Services Coordinator and Division Heads.
  • Review, refine, and implement school counseling program beliefs, vision, and purpose statements aligned with the school’s mission and guiding principles.
  • Apply developmental, learning, counseling, and education theories within the School Counseling and Life Skills programs.
  • Apply the school counseling professional standards and competencies in compliance with the legal and ethical principles of the school counseling profession.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the impact of cultural, social, and environmental influences on student success and opportunities.
  • Manage student mental health records to support the health and well-being of the school.
  • Coordinate or deliver relevant mental health training for staff, students, and in support of the Parents’ Association. 
  • Coordinate with local resources, including South Central Public Health District, St. Lukes, Idaho Department of Health and Welfare and other relevant mental health organizations with regard to the school’s operational guidelines.
  • Serve as a member of the school’s Crisis Management Team.

The ideal candidate will possess the following qualities: 

  • A sense of joy and comfort working with students across a wide developmental age span (ages 2-18).
  • Demonstrate commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Model health and wellness for our community.
  • Professionalism rooted in confidentiality and respect.
  • Demonstrated commitment to one’s professional evolution/growth.
  • The ability to train faculty and coaches and teach students in dynamic settings.
  • Professional communication skills in a variety of settings and with a variety of constituencies including students, colleagues, parents, board, and community members-at-large as a representative of the school.
  • Organizational skills commensurate with the magnitude of program demands, both administrative and logistical.
  • Embracing the school mission, guiding principles and diversity statement in their professional role.
  • A minimum of an MA degree with coursework and training in counseling and child development. 
  • A willingness to understand and embrace the unique culture of an independent school in a small, vibrant mountain resort community in the Rocky Mountains.
  • A healthy sense of humor and flexibility in approach.

Interested candidates should electronically send a cover letter, resume, and at least two letters of reference by Wednesday, October 30th to:

Sun Valley Community School
Sam Herrick, Search Committee Chair

Sun Valley Community School is an equal opportunity employer. The school encourages, seeks, and will employ applicants the school deems qualified for the position sought, regardless of age, ethnic background, nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identification, or physical ability, with reasonable accommodation to fulfill the responsibilities of the position.