Anchored by adoption of our Environmental Vision Statement, the school has been working extend our Leave No Trace ethic to our campus and become a “model of sustainability.” This lofty goal is the driving force behind the work of the many people involved in the green efforts at our school. Several groups in the school exist to help our school carry out this mission. At each division, Elementary, Middle, and Upper, groups of students meet weekly to discuss issues and take actions within the school and community.

In addition, a Sustainability Advisory Task Force composed of teachers, parents, alums, students, community leaders, and administrators meet monthly.

Highlights of 2014-15 school year:

  1. Student-led Solar Initiative: Raised over $70,000 to install a 20 KW system on gym roof in Oct. 2015. The incredible leadership of the students combined with the generosity of the community and an amazing grant from the Bonneville Education Foundation made this possible. Energy Conservation Achievements: Saved $3286.92 in energy costs and cut greenhouse gas emissions by 43.4 metric tons in 2014 through aggressive thermostat setback temps during evenings, weekends, and vacations, using energy saving settings on computers, and LED lighting retrofits. These savings were achieved despite a 6.9% increase in gas prices and a comparable electric rate hike. 
  2. Started Energy Conservation Initiative at Residence Hall: Carried out an energy audit and a resulting education campaign to promote behaviors that reduced energy consumption. Reduced electricity bill by $1629.60 over 2013-14 school year. 
  3. Cool the Earth Program in Elementary School : For second consecutive year, Elementary School Green Team helped implement this San Francisco-based program to raise awareness on the simple things everyone can do to reduce their carbon emissions. The students performed over two hundred carbon reducing acts! Landscaping Master Plan - Developed a plan to responsibly manage grounds with the goals of minimizing water and chemical use while promoting native vegetation and healthy riparian areas. Full plan will be coming soon. 
  4. Fair Trade Week: Collaborated with Atkinsons’ Market to promote fairly traded products available to valley residents. Students designed special logo to mark food items and gave out free samples to customers in the market as well as at school. 
  5. Green Weeks: Both Middle and Upper School Green Teams ran a week of educational activities and games to promote environmental awareness and stewardship. The US screened the movie Kilowatt Ours as part of the week. The Middle School team created a fun scavenger hunt to clean the school grounds. 
  6. Sustainability Summit: Upper School students devoted an entire school day to work on sustainability efforts at school and in the community. The second annual summit gave students additional time to devote themselves to projects they are passionate about that help our school and community. 
  7. Zero Waste: School sponsored events use compostable or reusable dishes and all waste is composted and recycled. An extensive composting and recycling program exists at school, getting us closer to our goal of having 10% or less of the waste stream getting sent to a landfill. 
  8. Task Force Analysis: Began examining current status in each of the following areas: Funding, Education, Resource Use, Energy and Carbon, and Healthy Environment in order to create goals and action steps to
As a school we are dedicated to acting in sustainable ways and cultivating environmentally educated citizens who take initiative to lead by example in their community. We will strive to extend our Outdoor Program’s "Leave No Trace" ethic to our entire campus. With this as our guide, we will work to make the Community School a model for sustainability.

For more information on The Green Team click here.