Upper School
The Upper School music program 
provides opportunities for students to continue pursuing their interests in music. There are also opportunities for students with little or no musical background to create music and to perform. The program's goal is to instill in its students the confidence to perform and to provide its students with the tools necessary for collaborating in ensembles, as well as for independent learning and practicing.

Middle School
In the Middle School music program, there is a deliberate transition from general music to performance-based ensembles. In sixth grade, students experiment with singing inchoir and playing different stringed instruments for several weeks before choosing between Show Choir and String Orchestra. Students spend their time in middle school studying their instrument of choice (violin, viola, cello, bass, or voice), and focusing on the process of approaching a new musical discipline so that they can transfer these skills to any instrument they would like to pursue in the future. Middle school students inherently develop a keen awarenes of themselves and how others perceive them, and the music program works to instill a sense of safety and camaraderie within each ensemble through ice breaker games, collaborative activities, and a verbal agreement to honor the risk all members of the ensemble take in sharing their voice or playing their instrument individually for the ensemble. Each ensemble attends music class two to three times in a seven-day rotation.

Elementary School 
Students perform in our winter performance, as well as throughout the year when the entire school, or just select grades perform, including Grandfriends' Day, Community Meetings, and Moving Up Ceremonies. Each grade has their own theme, which is used as an umbrella to teach the rudiments of music reading, vocal and instrumental performance, music listening and appreciation, and music history. The music classroom is filled with a variety of instruments to stimulate young eyes and ears, including rhythm instruments, recorders, xylophones, boomwhackers, hand drums, congas, and bongos. These instruments are combined with children's books and the best of the Kodaly and Orff methods to create a curriculum that produces students who love to perform, and are ready to begin an in-depth study of the instrument of their choice in Middle School.