WOW Student Projects

WOW Projects:



The Lorax Project with the Wood River Land Trust (WRLT) Contact: Daphne Muehle, Director of Development.

This group will create three short videos, one to three minutes in length of young people speaking for the trees. Some money will help pay for updated software for the WRLT website so that these videos can be viewed online. Video will be posted on the WRLT website.

This group has visited Wood River Land Trust conservation sites with their staff to gather inspiration for the students to ‘speak for the trees’; Upper school students will prepare a lesson of 10 minutes for the Kindergarten class on three topics:

1-Reduce, reuse, recycle, 2-sustainability/replanting, 3-leave no trace.

In three topic groups, Upper School and Kindergarten students will work on storyboards for each video.  Filming will be done in April, editing in May by Upper School students.  Final videos will be completed by the end of May.

Kindergarten Class -12

Upper School Students - 9

21 Students


First Grade:

Marmaduke Society Project –Animal Shelter of The Wood River Valley. Contact: Jo-Anne Dixon, Executive Director.

This group will help the shelter market their virtual pets in creative ways. They will help come up with an advertising campaign, help with online marketing and pet of the week features for the paper.

So far this group has "virtually adopted" two dogs. Both of which have been adopted into the community. They will come up with ideas for marketing and ad creation for the local newspaper for pets that need to be adopted. Upper School students will help the First Grade make posters for hanging around town and ads for the newspaper.

Students in First Grade – 15

Upper School Students – 20

35 students

Second Grade:

Dollars for Collars Project –Animal Shelter of The Wood River Valley. Contact: Jo-Anne Dixon, Executive Director

This group is raising funds through various fundraisers and projects to purchase collars, tags, and microchips that will be given to new adopters of dogs and cats or re-claimed impounded animals who were without microchips and tags.

The Second grade has conducted a fundraising movie event evening in November; they showed “Homeward Bound” and raised $465.32 (This class was so proud! reports teacher Tricia St. George). The Animal Shelter was able to purchase 63 microchips, 50 collars, and 50 identification tags with these funds.

Jo-Anne Dixon of the Animal Shelter met with the 2nd grade class and brought a dog friend to meet the students in their classroom.
The class toured the Animal Shelter facility and Jo-Anne showed them the process of putting a microchip into a dog. (There is a news article in the current Animal Shelter newsletter)
The class presented a check to Jo-Anne and the Animal Shelter and Morley Golden of the WOW foundation was present.  (There should be pictures of this event on 2nd grade class Picasa site)
The second grade class will be baking dog cookies for Valentine’s Day and delivering them to the Animal Shelter.  They will enlist help from upper school students on February 15th from 8:15-9:15am for the baking.

Students in Second Grade – 18

Upper School Students – 12

30 students

Third Grade:

Student Art Installation with St. Luke’s Wood River Foundation.

Contact: Megan Thomas, Director of Development.

This group will create a Gallery of Student Art at the hospital.

Zoey, Kathy and the 3rd grade are just putting the finishing touches on their first project, but are on hold until The Hospital gets the display frame built (they hope to have dimensions and a frame installed by the last week of January) before they can install the art. Upper School students will help with a sign for the display.

Students in Third Grade – 14

Upper School Students – 22

36 students

Fourth Grade:

Give Me Shelter Project – Animal Shelter of The Wood River Valley. Contact: Jo-Anne Dixon, Executive Director.

This group will build shade/rain shelters in the outdoor dog kennels at The Animal Shelter. These are very substantial shelters and The Shelter needs six built. To see what the potential shelters look like see

The Fourth Grade group has measured and calculated the materials they will need to build the rain/shade shelters. The shelters will cost about $900 each (for cement, lumber and metal for the roof), the class is currently planning a fundraising event.  The event will be an evening of fun and skiing by candlelight right on campus. Their goal is to raise funds to build a total of 5 big outdoor rain/shade shelters on the Animal Shelter property.
Construction of the shelters will take place in late April or May, they will need to pour cement for the foundations and then build with lumber the frames and then attach the roofs.
They will need upper school student help with faculty to complete this project. Fourth Grade Students – 16

Upper School Students – 22

38 students

Fifth Grade:

Pajama Project - The Advocates.

Contact: Darrel Harris, Youth Programs Coordinator.

This group will create welcome kits for children who are displaced with their families and end up at The Advocates shelter. The students will build welcome kits, including a pair of comfortable pajamas, a pillow case decorated by students, hand made welcome cards, toothbrushes, art supplies, toothpaste, books, and stuffed animals. The students will budget about $25 per kit.

The Fifth grade so far has decided what they would like to put in each kit for the children.

The 5th grade had Darrel Harris from The Advocates visit their classroom to explain the pajama project and why kids are displaced.
The class decided to donate the $25 they will all receive to the general fund at The Advocates.
The class is selling popcorn twice a week at Elementary School and Upper School lunchtimes to raise funds to buy backpacks (instead of boxes), and blankets to go in the backpacks (in lieu of pajamas)
They will need to raise about $500 to purchase the backpacks, blankets, pillowcases, toothbrush and toothpaste kits, hairbrush/comb kits and art supplies.  The class will need upper school student help decorating the pillowcases to go in the backpacks, which will happen after spring break.  
They are asking upper school students to donate any of the following that they can by spring break:
colored markers
toothbrush and toothpaste kits
art supplies
new white pillow cases
As we compile supplies, the class can start to decorate the pillow cases and they can build the backpacks.  They will complete and donate 20 backpacks to The Advocates.

Fifth Grade Students – 19

Upper School Students – 20

39 students

Sixth Grade:

Pollinator Garden Project - Sawtooth Botanical Garden (SBG).

Contact: Jena Greaser, Youth Garden Educator.

This group will plant a Pollinator Garden at SBG as part of a national backyard bee count project called The Great Sunflower Project

The Sixth grade visited the Sawtooth Botanical Garden site in late October, where they weeded and prepped their pollinator garden.  Since then, students have conducted research on the types of plants that attract pollinators, and with help from upper school students, will begin making choices and mapping out the garden in April. The garden will be planted in early May. Students will also be building Mason Bee houses to attract pollinators.

Sixth grade students – 30

Upper School Students – 11

41 students

Seventh Grade:

Wetland Boardwalk and Trail Project - The Nature Conservancy of Idaho Contact: Dayna Gross, Silver Creek Manager.

This group will design a boardwalk system at Silver Creek Preserve’s Kilpatrick Pond.  They will also research and design the signs and then help build the boardwalk. They will also work on a new trail access to the wetland and the creek.

This group has visited the site and done a walk through the area to determine what needs to be done.  With GPS mapping the seventh grade determined where the trail cutting would take place. The class made a presentation to Dayna Gross who is the Silver Creek Manager about their trail plan. (They were very impressed, says Travis!) This class has been onsite another time where they helped hang birdhouses on the property and spread seed in a burned area. The trail construction will take place after spring break with help from the Upper school students. They will determine four work dates. The Seventh grade will design one interpretive sign to be placed on site. They will use the funding below to pay for the sign.

Construction of the boardwalk will happen in year two (they hope).

Seventh grade students – 34

Upper School students – 19

53 students

Eighth Grade:

Cooking Show and Awareness Campaign Projects and Thursday Food Delivery - Idaho’s Bounty.

Contact: Lynea Newcomer, General Manager

The 8th grade learned about Idaho's Bounty and their mission and a group of students filmed a cooking show using Idaho's Bounty food that will be featured on the Idaho’s Bounty website. Additionally, another group of students created a public service announcement about sugar that will run alongside the cooking show.

In addition to that work, they are continuing to support the Thursday morning Idaho’s Bounty pickup at Community School and hope to increase 8th grade involvement in the before-school food sorting and distribution. Looking towards the rest of the year, they plan to create and disseminate an ad campaign to increase community support and use of Idaho’s Bounty, with a goal to help the organization increase membership and ordering by current members.

 Eighth grade students – 25

Upper School Students – 4

29 students