Community School endeavors to bring together a diverse group of students who have demonstrated scholastic achievement and show promise for future academic and personal accomplishments.

We seek students who will contribute in a positive way to the life of the school and benefit significantly from the unique environment the school provides. The school does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, religion, origin, ancestry, physical disability or sexual orientation. Nor do we deny admission to applicants whose families cannot afford tuition.

Our primary goal for admission is to offer enrollment to students who will thrive at Community School. In considering an application, the Admission Committee considers a variety of factors. Foremost is the ability and desire of the applicant and his or her family to support the mission and philosophy of the school. Other factors include, but are not limited to, a student's academic transcripts, teacher evaluations, standardized testing, classroom visits and developmental assessments, personal interests and talents, and qualities of character, motivation and attitude. We also consider the school's and the family's mutual understanding of the educational goals for the applicant. The Admission Committee’s focus is to find the right match between the applicant and the school.

The decision to attend an independent school is of crucial importance to a family. When the match between the school, a student, and a student’s family is right, the school becomes a vital extension of the home experience and a partner in the growth of the student as well as the family. If a class is full, we maintain a waiting pool for qualified applicants. The school is not always able to meet the needs of every applicant. In some cases, the Admission Committee may conclude the child would be better served in a different educational setting than Community School offers.