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Community School's Middle School promotes academic excellence within a nurturing environment that encourages responsibility. We recognize that Middle School students have a wide range of unique characteristics and needs, and acknowledge that their growth depends on experiences that build emotional, social, physical, and intellectual well-being. These experiences allow them to develop a sense of self as well as a sense of belonging to their community.

The Middle School is constantly alive with activity and hums with the energy unique to early adolescence. Our students are fully engaged with learning and development in all aspects of their day, from cracking advanced mathematical concepts to mastering a foreign language to thriving on teamwork and physical activity in PE. Middle School teachers are more than just classroom instructors. They also serve as advisors, advocates, coaches, outdoor guides, theater directors, and friends.
6th Outdoor Trip

Experiential, project-based learning is key to the Middle School experience at Community School. Sixth grade is organized around the general theme of community: what does it mean to be part of a community? What are the connections between culture and community? Of what communities are students members? In exploring these questions, students will learn to use the scientific method, begin the process of formal academic writing, continue to expand their mathematical capabilities, and refine the ability to think and read critically.

8th Grade Balloon Project
Seventh grade integrates the humanities and sciences, focusing on basic skills and emphasizing a holistic approach to learning. Project-based units allow students to see the connections between disciplines and experience real-life learning. This approach encourages inquisitive minds by touching on all skills and areas of knowledge: creative, scientific, written, mathematical, artistic, historical, and musical. Thematic units include the historical novel, the tolerance project,  and the complementary conflict and settlement units.

Eighth grade is a pivotal and exciting year for students. The year marks significant development, both intellectually and socially. They are in the thick of the self-creation process and are not in any way homogeneous. The curriculum continues the project-based learning begun in earlier grades, with thematic units that strive to fully immerse students in the experience of cross-discipline learning. The year culminates with the completion and presentation of Eighth Grade Projects – a self-directed research project allowing students to become experts in subjects they’re passionate about.