“Community School’s mission is to inspire students to think critically, engage confidently, embrace challenges, and lead impactful, purposeful lives.”

Dear Community School Parents/Students and Prospective Parents/Students,

Welcome to the college counseling office. The college counseling office serves as the school’s primary source of support and guidance for Community School students and families during the college search and application process. The goals of the office are to provide guidance and counsel to students and their families in all phases of the college search and application process, to provide honest and supportive student evaluations and appropriate advocacy during the college application and admissions process, to represent and present the Community School to colleges and universities, to develop long-term relationships and trust with colleges and universities, to continue to be current with changes in the counseling profession and the field of higher education, to maintain open contact with underclassmen, graduates, and Community School families, and to coordinate student preparation for standardized tests.

A Community School education builds a solid foundation for the post-secondary educational experience. Our students are well prepared for college or university. At Community School, we want our students to grow up naturally, “to grow wild according to their natures” (Thoreau), and to appreciate life in our remarkable Wood River Valley. We do not want them to be constrained by the anxieties and prescriptions that accompany “college preparation” in so many other parts of the country, so we make sure that they are aware, early on, of what they need in order to be admissible to the colleges and universities that are appropriate for them, ask them to be actively engaged in the process, and help guide them as they navigate the path toward their educational goals.

The college search and application process is not mysterious. There are steps and deadlines, protocols and predictable forks on the path. There will be uncertainty, but there need not be anxiety. It is our longtime experience at Community School that students have met with uncommon success – in both the college application process and their college experience – because they knew who they were and knew how to work toward their goals. In the end, we seek to help students match with the college where they can be both comfortable and challenged, supported and stretched. Personal contacts and trust, developed over the years, are the keys. The sense of community extends far beyond graduation; we care about our graduates and they care about us.

We look forward to meeting and working with you in this exciting process of personal growth and accomplishment.

Sincerely yours, 

Bayard "Bags" Brokaw                                                            Chauncy Pogue

Director, College Counseling                                                  College Counselor

The School is a member of The College Board, National Association of College Admissions Counseling, the Pacific Northwest chapter of NACAC (National Association of College Admissions Counselors), and ACCIS (Association of College Counselors and Independent Schools).