--Adopted by the Board of Directors, December 12, 2014

This Strategic Plan replaces Community School’s plan of May 2009. The 2009 plan envisioned ambitious steps, including a residential component, a larger Upper School, the creation of a program to recruit and support winter athletes, the introduction of a pre-school, a stronger marketing program, and other important initiatives.

Since 2009, the school has implemented major goals of the 2009 plan, successfully worked through the Great Recession, been led by a new Head of School, had annual record enrollments since 2011, rededicated itself to the school’s mission, core values, and guiding educational principles, increased its ability to raise resources in support of the school’s mission, and enhanced its identity and reputation, locally and nationally.

The school is entering the next chapter of its history. A new head has been appointed, effective July 1, 2015, with the previous head continuing in a role that addresses major strategic goals. We have new leadership in the Middle and Upper schools. We have a beautiful new 20,250 square foot Creative Arts and Middle School Building that enhances the educational program in all three divisions and houses our Middle School. We are building on our unique ability to join outstanding academic preparation with the fostering of core character strengths, such as grit.

At the same time, we recognize that we reside in a mountain community with limited population, have a small endowment for school of our size and quality, and are subject to the economic and social forces of the larger society. Thus, recognizing our successes as well as our vulnerability, we are dedicated to reinforcing and advancing our unique strengths, reducing our exposure to negative events, and, ultimately, securing the future of our school. Our long-term vision is to be a truly distinctive school that places us among the very best in America. The six major goals of the Strategic Plan are designed to accomplish these purposes.

I. IDENTITY -- Establish a distinctive institutional identity that builds on our educational philosophy and core values.
Enabling Initiatives will include:
• Imbed consistently, PreK-12, our Mission and Guiding Educational Principles (see link) in the education life of the school.
• Provide ongoing, well-funded programs of professional development and curricular experimentation.
• Provide “thought leadership” in the national discussion about character strengths, including grit.

II. PROGRAM -- Offer programs that reinforce our commitment to the highest academic standards, reflect our distinctive educational philosophy and unique assets, and establish that we are the “best” at what makes us special.
Enabling Initiatives will include:
• Create what is recognized as the most notable outdoor program in the nation, including the advancement of the OLA.
• Reach a “full school” each year in each grade (and in the residential facility).
• Attract and retain faculty and staff of the highest quality who are committed to the mission, educational philosophy, and standards of the school.
• Elevate and expand programs of our Summer School.
• Adapt the college placement program to meet increased competitiveness in college admissions.
• Enhance-- across the curriculum -- instruction in science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics and computer science.
• Advance the Sun Valley Ski Academy program, including excellent integration of winter athletes into the life of the school, while creating a strong partnership with the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation.
• Imbed the goals of our Sustainability Program, including the “greening” of the campus in all we do.

III. RESIDENTIAL LIFE -- Build a thriving residential program that fosters a diverse student population, brings winter athletes and other students with a passion for the outdoors to campus, and strengthens our financial foundation.
Enabling Initiatives will include:
• Secure ownership of a residential facility that meets our program needs.
• Improve our capacity to recruit boarding students and create a sufficient pool of strong applicants to provide adequate choice in offering admission.
• Build and sustain full enrollment of mission-appropriate boarding students at our Warm Springs facility.
• Create a residential program that meets the needs of students and their families, while integrating the residential program and the school in creative and mutually beneficial ways.
• Assuming success in building the residential program and the pool of applicants, consider increasing boarding capacity to approximately 45 students over the long-term at our Warm Springs facility or elsewhere.

IV. FINANCE -- Strengthen the financial foundation and resource base of the school.
Enabling Initiatives will include:
• Complete successfully the capital campaign for the new Creative Arts and Middle School Building, with no continuing debt for the school.
• Develop a five-year budget which accounts for enrollment goals, fundraising goals, and desired tuition “yield” (net tuition revenue after deducting various categories of aid) and provides for the long-term financial needs of the school.
• Establish capital/major gifts fundraising as a high priority on a permanent basis.
• Sustain annual unrestricted fundraising, especially the Annual Fund, as a high priority.
• Build our endowment to $10 million over the next 3-5 years, with a longer term aim of building our endowment to $25-30 million.
• Continue to professionalize business and accounting practices.

V. PHYSICAL PLANT -- Provide facilities and a campus landscape that support the program of the school, elicit pride among the Community School family, and are attractive to potential students and families.
Enabling Initiatives will include:
• Implement successfully the Trail Creek Transformation project, including the construction of the new Creative Arts and Middle School Building, the renovation of Engl Hall, and the construction of a new teaching greenhouse.
• Develop a Master Plan for Community School, with consideration of these potential elements: construction of a dining hall, the renovation or construction of a new Elementary School, upgrading and maintaining the Trail Creek landscape, construction or purchase of a residential facility, and a long-term vision for the Sagewillow campus.
• Build a capital reserve fund that will enable the school to plan for and fund necessary capital expenditures.

VI. COMMUNICATIONS -- Ensure that internal and external constituencies of the school understand and are committed to the philosophy and mission of the school.
Enabling Initiatives will include:
• Ensure effective communication with our constituencies, with a focus on the distinctive outcomes of a Community School education.
• Access new markets (and admissions prospects) and communicate effectively the distinctive identity and “brand” of Community School.
• Create avenues for attaining national coverage and attention.
• Capitalize on our location in Sun Valley and its special attributes in order to strengthen our regional and national identity/recognition.