Administration & Staff
Name Hired Title Degree(s)
Ben Pettit 2009 Head of School B.A. University of Denver, M.A. University of Northern Colorado
David Holmes 2011 Executive Director of Strategic Initiatives B.A. Middlebury College, M.A. Columbia University, Ph.D. University of Denver
Matt Barnes 2015 Upper School Head B.A. U.C. Berkeley, M.A.T. Lewis & Clark College, M.Ed University of Alaska
Sam Herrick 2014 Middle School Head B.A. Syracuse University M.A. Columbia University
Janet Salvoni    2005 Elementary School Head B.A. University of Massachusetts, Amherst, M.Ed. Cambridge College  
Rachel Aanestad '94
2013    Librarian B.A. University of Oregon
Bags Brokaw    2012   College Counselor B.A. Bowdoin College, M.A. University of Denver 
David Brown    2016  Co-Director of Residential Life B.A. Stonehill College, J.D. Boston College 
Nira Campbell 2012  School Counselor  B.A. Western Washington University, M.Ed. Lewis & Clark College
Tracey Caraluzzi 2014 Residence Hall Chef A.A. Mount Hood Community College, Professional Culinary Arts & Management, L’Academie de Cuisine
Karlyle Christensen 2015 Residence Hall Assistant Chef
Eric Covington 2016 Residence Hall Advisor B.A. Barton College; M.A., University of Georgia
Tana Dean 2008 Business Office Assistant LPN, Upper Bucks County College
Maria Juarez De Ruiz 2017 Maintenance
Shannon Finnegan 2013 Assistant Director of Development A.B. Dartmouth College, J.D. Georgetown University
Mayra Garcia 2015 Maintenance
Patrick Graham 2015 Outdoor Program Assistant Director B.A. Johnson State College
Becca Hemingway  2012  Director of Development B.A. Yale University 
Keith Keim 2007 Facilities Manager Rogue Community College
Melanie Kragerud 2007 Business Office Assistant Orange Coast Community College
Rob Landis 1999 Outdoor Program Director B.S. Boise State University
Jonna Mendes  2011  SVSA Program Director Two-time Olympic Alpine Skier: 1998, 2002; Bronze Medalist, 2003 Alpine World Championships SG 
Krista Detwiler Milleman '07 2012   Director of Alumni Relations and Events B.A. University of Oregon 
Kristen Monahan 2016 Residential Life Advisor B.S. Michigan Tech University, M.S. University of Jyvaskyla, Finland
Jill Perkins 1989 Director, Learning Specialist Program B.S. University of Wisconsin
Gabby Rafford 2008 Director of Educational Technology B.S. University of New Hampshire, M.Ed. University of New Hampshire
Katie Robins  2000  Director of Admissions  B.A. University of California, Berkeley 
Mike Schley 2012 Outdoor Program Assistant
Julie Siegel  2016  Chief Financial Officer  B.S. University of Virginia
Anneliese Turck  2015  Communications Manager  B.A. University of California, Berkeley
M.S. Columbia University
Alexa Turzian  2017  Residential Program Staff  B.S. University of Colorado
Mike Wade 1983 Director of Summer Term B.S. Carnegie Mellon University, M.B.A. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
Richard Whitelaw 1992 Director of Athletics  
Elementary School
Name Hired Title Degree(s)
Kristina Avila    2015 ECC After Care
Amanda Bauman    2016 ECC Teaching Assistant B.A. Colorado State University, B.S. AB Technical College
Peter Burke 2013 ES Drama, US Multimedia Specialist B.A. Tisch School of the Arts at New York University
Suzanne Buchanan 2010 Kindergarten Teacher B.S. Gonzaga University
Krista Clayton 2015  ES Teaching Assistant; ECC Aftercare  B.S. University of Maine 
Dana Covington 2016 Fifth Grade Teacher B.A. University of California, Los Angeles, M.Ed. University of Colorado
Lisa Dirksmeier 2010 ECC Teacher B.A. Boston College
Cara Frost    2012 ES and MS Art Teacher B.A. University of Arizona 
Alyssa Hershey 2007 ES and MS Music  B.A. Albertson College of Idaho 
Nicki Howe-Kearney 2013  ES Spanish B.A. Hobart & William Smith College, M.Ed. Boise State University
Trent Herbst 2006 Fourth Grade Teacher  B.S. University of Wisconsin, La Crosse
Cindy Hulbert 1988 ES Teaching Assistant Elgin Community College
Suzanne McCarthy 2011  ECC Teaching Assistant   
Jimmy Mitchell  2015  ECC Aftercare
Nichole Moos 2013  ECC Art Teacher
B.A. Boise State University, M.A. West 
Virginia University
Riley Mott 2013  ECC Teaching Assistant B.A. Whitman College 
Bob Polk 2003 Science Teacher B.A. Washington College M.A.T. Lewis and Clark College
Tate Reed 2017 ES After Care B.S. Northern Arizona University
Lindsey Salas 2015 ES Aftercare B.S. Boston University
Robin Seitz 2005 Administrative Assistant B.A. Edinboro University, Pennsylvania; M. Counseling Idaho State University
Tricia St. George '95 2012 Second Grade Teacher B.A. Western Washington University, M.A. City University
Gretchen Thoreen  2007  Third Grade Teacher B.A. Washington State University, M.Ed. Walden University
Heather Town 2004 First Grade Assistant, ECC Music and Movement B.A. Western Governor's University
Stacey Ward  1992  PE Teacher, Teaching Assistant  B.S. University of Wyoming
Dawn Webber  2011  ES Teaching Assistant B.A. University of Arizona, M.Ed. Ohio State University
Katharine Weekes 2010 ECC Teacher B.A. Hobart & William Smith College
Hannah Young 2010 First Grade Teacher B.A. New York University, M.A.T. Lewis and Clark College
Middle School
Name Hired Title Degree(s)
Annie DeAngelo 2015 Seventh Grade Team B.A. Harvard University 
Erika Connelly '03 2008 PE Teacher, Sixth Grade Team B.S., B.A. Denver University
Toni Coleman 2010 Sixth Grade Team, MS Community Service Coordinator B.A. Hampshire College, M.A. Columbia University
Cara Frost 2012 ES and MS Art Teacher, Seventh Grade Team B.A. University of Arizona 
Alyssa Hershey 2007 ES and MS Music  B.A. Albertson College of Idaho
Yvonne Inman 1999 Administrative Assistant College of Marin, Santa Rosa Junior College
Tizz Miller 2012 Sixth Grade Team B.A. Middlebury College, M.A. Boise State University 
Alex Nicoll 2013  MS Spanish, Sixth Grade Team  B.A. James Madison University
Nancy Parsons-Brown 1983 MS French, Eighth Grade Team, Co-Director of Residential Life B.A. University of Colorado, Boulder, M.Ed. Graceland University
Naomi Goldberg 2007 Eighth Grade Team B.A. Duke University
Travis Vandenburgh 2008 Eighth Grade Team B.S. Montana State University, M.S. Montana State University
Joel Vilinsky 2000 Seventh Grade Team, MS Drama B.A. University of Albany, B.S. University of Albany, M.Ed. Tufts University, EVWP Fellow, College of William and Mary
Upper School
Name Hired Title Degree(s)
Anne Aganon 2008 Art, Ceramics, Photography, Yearbook Advisor B.A. Wesleyan Univ., B.F.A. San Francisco Art Institut
R. Gary Brendel 2009 History B.A. Union College, M.A. University of Denver, Ed.D. University of Denver
Peter Burke 2013 US Multimedia Specialist, ES Drama B.A. Tisch School of the Arts at New York University
Johanna Edwards 2016 Math B.A. & M.A. Christ Church at the University of Oxford
Meghan Gunn 2015 Educational Technology/Computer Science B.A. University of San Diego
Mary Hall 2002 Administrative Assistant B.A. University of Washington
Paul Hartl 1996 Science B.A. Western Washington University, B.S. University of Washington, M.S. University of California, Davis, Ph.D. Scripps Inst. of Oceanography
George Heinrichs 2015 History, Residential Advisor B.A. Middlebury College
Brad Hershey 2007 Music B.M. University of Idaho
Phil Huss 2000 English B.A. Amherst College, M.A. Boston College
Elliot Jacobs  2009  English  B.A. Bowdoin College, M.A. University of Montana, M.Ed. University of Montana 
Pilar Lindahl 1988 Spanish B.A. University of Madrid, M.A. University of Santa Barbara
Ying Ou 2016 Mandarin B.A. University of International Relations, China, M.A. University of Michigan
Lauren Marziliano 2016 Learning Specialist B.S. Berry College, M.Ed. Western Washington University
Beth Peterson 2016 Learning Specialist B.S. California State University, Fresno, M.A. University of Colorado
Calysta Phillips  2012  Language  B.A. Harvard University, M.A. Middlebury College 
Chauncy Gardner Pogue 2004 French, English, Senior Projects Coordinator, Assistant College Counselor B.A. Colgate University, M.A. New York University
Tim Price 2010 English, History B.A. University of Denver, M.A. University of Denver, Ph.D. University of Denver
Scott Runkel 1993 Science B.S. Cornell University
Hannes Thum '03 2009 Science B.A. Dartmouth College, M.S. Montana State University
Connor Wade '05 2012 Math B.A. Boston College
Mike Wade 1983 Math, Computer Science, Economics B.S. Carnegie Mellon University, M.B.A. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Drennan Wesley 2015 History B.A. University of Michigan, M.A. Pacific University
Patsy Wygle 2011   Drama B.A. University of Washington, M.A. New York University