Welcome to Community School’s Teacher Training Academy!

Community School’s Teacher Training Academy (TTA) is a unique teacher preparation program that provides interns with a wide variety of teaching and educational experiences. The TTA is a ten month live-in program. Interns gain extensive teaching experience alongside a mentor teacher, as well as serving as a dorm parent at Community School’s Residence Hall. The TTA places interns with mentor teachers ranging from pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade. Interns will be housed with ninth through twelfth graders and be mentored by the residential staff in this role.

The goal of the TTA is to provide a rich, well-rounded teacher education experience based on Community School's mission and guiding principles. Interns learn about education through their two main roles as teaching intern and dorm parent in our Residence Hall. Interns become effective and reflective teachers through every aspect of the Community School internship experience:

  • Guided mentorship by veteran teachers and residential life staff
  • Developing and preparing curriculum, both in the classroom and Residence Hall
  • Practicing dynamic strategies for effective teaching
  • Participating in faculty-led educational seminars
  • Evaluating students through a variety of assessments
  • Advising and mentoring students
  • Co-leading outdoor education trips
  • Building strong relationships with boarding students and staff
  • Gaining experience in social and emotional development of adolescents
  • Supervising and guiding residential students in character growth 

Through a holistic approach to teacher education, interns gain a rewarding, intense, and varied experience. We believe that full immersion into school life is the best way to hone one's teaching skills. The relationships formed through this immersion are a hallmark of our educational philosophy at Community School. By the end of the program, the aim is for the interns to develop into solid teaching professionals with their own clarified educational philosophy and a variety of effective teaching skills and strategies that are rooted in Community School’s principles. Successful interns will feel confident and ready to step into a full-time teaching position at an independent or public school. The compensation package includes room and board, and a small stipend. TTA administrators provide help with a job search outside of Community School.  

Who Should Apply

The Community School internship program is for energetic, charismatic, and multi-talented individuals interested in working in the field of independent school education and in a unique residential boarding program. Applicants need to have completed an undergraduate degree program. We are seeking candidates who are enthusiastic, flexible, eager to learn, and able to collaborate in a variety of settings with different constituents.

Program Specifics

For detailed information click on Teacher Training Academy Program Specifics. To fill out an application, click on TTA Application 2017-18. Applications are accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis. The final deadline for application submission is April 2, 2017.