Community School Mission

Our mission is to engage students of diverse talents in an intellectually challenging and supportive school culture. We endeavor to foster in our students self-confidence, integrity, responsibility to their community and environment, and a life-long passion for learning. 

We are a school characterized by:
  • •A strong academic college-preparatory program and a developmentally appropriate curriculum from preschool through twelfth grade.
  • The expectation that all students will take advantage of opportunities to contribute to, and benefit from, an integrated program that includes Outdoor Education, Community Service, Fine and Performing Arts, and Athletics.
  • A committed faculty and staff who develop close, caring relationships with students.
  • An educational environment that embraces a variety of learning and teaching styles and respects individual differences.
  • A school culture in which it is safe to take intellectual risks and which encourages independent thinking,creativity, ethical decision-making, and respect for others.
  • An active school community comprised of students, their parents, faculty, staff, alumni and directors, all of whom are valued contributors to enriching and enhancing the life of the school.
Intern Education: A Holistic Approach
The internship program allows for an intensive, but rewarding, learning experience for the interns. Life in independent schools, where the “best people are asked to do the most,” is a fantastic setting to hone your teaching or administrative craft. Our holistic model for the internship program benefits interns in that they will experience education in a multitude of environments. Interns will be immersed in the lives of their students and the school. The relationships formed through that immersion are a hallmark of our educational philosophy at Community School, and they help create the unique learning environment that propels our students to great success in all of their endeavors.

Who Should Apply
The Community School internship program is for energetic, charismatic, and multi-talented individuals interested in working in the field of independent school education. Applicants also need to have completed an undergraduate or graduate degree program. We are seeking interns who are enthusiastic, hungry to learn, and able to collaborate in a variety of settings with a variety of constituents.

Program Specifics
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