Our Mission & Guiding Principles

From our campus to the wilderness, Community School’s mission is to inspire students to think critically, engage confidently, embrace challenges, and lead impactful, purposeful lives.

Guiding Principles of a Community School Education


Community School is a dynamic academic environment that prepares our preschool through twelfth grade students for a world that is forever evolving. Our students actively acquire a proven body of knowledge and develop a useful array of skills and abilities.

The principles articulated here derive from our experience as educators and lifelong learners. They are drawn from state-of-the-art research about schools, human development, brain development, teaching, and learning. They shape what happens educationally in our classroom and beyond. They constitute a standard by which we assess our success in fulfilling our mission.

Although the impact of a Community School education varies from student to student, with these intended outcomes at the forefront, this common set of educational principles guides and unifies us as educators, students, and families. The principles apply to all grade levels, pre-kindergarten through twelve, and they constitute a commitment to our students and their families. Through a Community School education, we strive for these common outcomes:

  • Mastery of useful knowledge and essential skills;
  • Ability to think critically, solve problems, and make ethical decisions;
  • Self-confidence, a sense of self, and ownership of one’s learning;
  • A firm moral code, kindness toward others, and the motivation to serve;
  • A love of the outdoors and a commitment to environmental stewardship;
  • Readiness to take reasonable risks and to pursue innovative solutions;
  • Ability and willingness to communicate effectively in a variety of settings: writing, public speaking, and group discussion;
  • An inclination and ability to lead and the desire to make a difference;
  • The courage and perseverance to follow one’s passions.

When prepared through these principles, our graduates attend excellent higher educational institutions across the nation that are the best fit for each of them, and, ultimately, live productive, active, and meaningful lives in a wide range of pursuits.